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The patented segmented construction of MICROPURE filters offers significant advantages over conventional cartridge filters (shown above). Steam flows into the openings on the outside of each segment disc and passes through the filter and into an adjacent disc. Filtered steam exits through the opening at the center of the cartridge, free from contaminants that can affect the quality of your product.
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  • Woven stainless steel media with absolute micron retention to fit your need. We have media from 1 micron to 100 micron.
  • Each Filter disc works independently allowing for maximum filtering capability and low PSID.
  • A stainless steel tension rod and parts that provides continued support upstream and downstream of the filter media.
  • The design of Micropure Segmented Filters has been subjected to extensive testing in Europe and the United States.

Application Versatility

  • The required element height and diameter are determined by your application’s pressure, flow rate and micron level. This gives each application an individualized fit.
  • Unlike conventional cartridge filters, Micropure's Segmented filters can handle bi-directional flow.
  • Filters allow higher flow rates per inch of element height than conventional filters while maintaining submicron bacterial efficiency.**
  • High Pressure and Temperature Tolerances

Unlimited Reusability

  • Stainless Steel segmented discs, which will outlast the conventional cartridge style filters.
  • Since each media piece acts independently, Increasing flow rate or pressure can be achieved by simply adding more media pieces/segmented element discs.

Economical Steam Filter

  • You only replace the filter media discs. The segmented element support discs and housing stay in the filter for its entire life.
  • Cost of Ownership is significantly less than competitors.
  • Culinary Steam Mini Filter Series available

Steam Filter Convenience

  • MiroPure Segmented FiltersMicropure filters can be steam sterilized in place up to 150 times with no loss of filtering effectiveness as validated by an internationally recognized food laboratory.
  • Micropure filters can also be sterilized using Backflush, autoclave or any chemical safe to use on stainless steel.
  • Media Replacement is simple and easy.
  • Simple, on-site visual inspection of individual filter media
  • Media is easily removable for laboratory analysis or culture.

No other filter offers this combination of features:

  • Segmented design allows exchange of media to meet changing requirements, inspect elements, or to replace old elements
  • Media available in multiple sizes from 1 to 100 microns and 4 diameter sizes for exceptional versatility
  • Housing and Segmented Discs warranted for 5 years
  • Bi-directional flow capability
  • Built of high grade stainless steel- to tolerate extreme pressure and temperature variations for unlimited reusability
  • Easy to design into virtually any process system