Filter Unit Setup

Standard unit set up (top view of housing)
Unit with condensate drain kit installed
Two ports on the bottom of housing
Drain hole plugs with Viton sealed washers

An MFI standard unit comes with drain hole plugs and viton sealed washers. This set up is Recommended for standard applications where there is no excess condenstate or a need for sampling.

If pre or post filter samples are needed, or there is condenstate in the system, MFI recommends installing a condenstate drain kit. The drain kit comes with threaded ends and a valve for each port. The valves can be left open at all times for steam traps and continuous sampling or opened on occasion for checking and condenstate removal.

6 layer unit
(without housing cover)
4 layer unit
(without housing cover)
2 layer unit
(without housing cover)
Increasing the filtration capacity in a MicroPure Segmented Filter is as simple as adding pairs of discs and additional media pieces.