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Technical Data

How MicroPure Liquid Filters do it better

System Security

  • Self Sealing woven stainless steel media with absolute micron retention to fit your need. We have media from 1 micron to 100 micron.
  • Each Filter Membrane works independently allowing for maximum filtering capability.
  • A stainless steel tension rod and parts that provides continued support upstream and downstream of the filter membrane.
  • The design of Micropure Segmented Filters has been subjected to extensive testing in
  • Europe and the United States.

Application Versatility

  • The required segmented element length and diameter are determined by your application giving each application an individualized fit.
  • Unlike conventional cartridge filters, Micropure's Segmented filters can handle bi-directional flow.
  • Filters allow higher flow rates than conventional filters while maintaining submicron bacterial efficiency.**
  • High Temperature Tolerance

Unlimited Reusability MiroPure Segmented Filters

  • Stainless Steel segmented discs, which will out last the conventional cartridge style filters.
  • Since each membrane acts independently, Increasing flow rate or pressure can be achieved by simply adding more membranes/segmented element discs.


  • You only Replace the media discs. The element stays in the filter for its entire life.
  • Cost of Ownership is significantly less than competitors.


  • MicroPure filters can be steam sterilized "in-situ" or in place up to 150 times with no loss of filtering effectiveness as validated by an internationally recognized food laboratory.
  • Micropure filters can Also be sterilized using autoclave, hydrogen peroxide, steam or a variety of sanitizing agents.*
  • Membrane Replacement is Simple and Easy.
  • Simple, on-site visual inspection of individual filter membrane
  • Membranes are easily removable for laboratory analysis or culture.

No other filter offers this combination of features:

  • Segmented design allows exchange of media to meet changing requirements, inspect elements, or to replace old elements
  • Available in multiple sizes from 3 to 50 microns and 4 diameter sizes for exceptional versatility
  • Housing and Segmented Discs warranted for 5 years
  • Bi-directional flow capability
  • Built of high grade stainless steel- to tolerate extreme pressure and temperature variations for unlimited reusability
  • Easy to design into virtually any process system