Sulfur Guard™

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Why Choose Sulfur Guard™

Features and Benefits

Technical Data

No other filter offers this combination of features:

Large Capacity Filter Element

  • removes Carbonyl Sulfide and Hydrogen Sulfide
  • also removes aromatic and volatile oxygenated hydrocarbons
  • allows high CO2  flows at low pressure drop  
  • permits a much smaller sized filter when compared to traditional carbon filters
  • filter media is completely contained in filter element - no loose carbon

• Filter Housing Flexibility and Durability

  • housing accommodates Coalescing, Activated Carbon, and Sulfur Guardstages
  • all stainless steel, corrosion free design
  • high strength ASME vessel

• Filter Designed for Easy Maintenance

  • easy top loading access to filter element for quick change
  • no messy carbon to change
  • lowest total maintenance costs

Filter Stages

Stage I   - removes  liquid water and oils
Stage II  - removes  aromatic hydrocarbons
Stage III - removes  sulfur compounds, oxygenated aromatic hydrocarbons, and aldehydes
Stage IV - may be needed to remove carbon fines where traditional carbon bed filters are in use
Stage V  - removes  ultra fine particles including potentially harmful bacteria.