Standard vs Mini Housing Styles

Micropure Filtration offers two different styles of housings in its 60 mm diameter element Filter. These filters can both contain the 0602, 0604, 0606 element with either stainless steel media (for steam applications) or PTFE membrane media (for air and gas applications).Both filter housing styles offer advantages to the customer. The right choice for each customer will vary based on the application type and the specific needs of the customer.


Similarities between Mini and Standard Housing

  • Pressure Rating
    • Both Housings are rated at 232 PSI/16 Bar
  • Housing Construction
    • Both housing styles are made of high quality stainless steel. All welds on the housing are ground and polished to be sanitary high purity quality. This ensures that the filter can be used in any type of food, beverage, and brewing, distilling or pharmaceutical application.
  • Element Construction
    • Elements in either housing will be made from high quality stainless steel. They are bead blasted to a gray finish to ensure the highest quality.
  • Elements capable of being installed
    • Both housings can support the 0602, 0604 & and 0606 elements. Elements have a food grade parallel thread connection with O-ring seal.
  • Filter Media in Housing
    • Both the standard and the mini filter housing accept the PTFE membrane media (for sterile air and gas applications) or the woven stainless steel media (for liquid and steam applications). The Stainless Steel media is available in micron levels from 1-100 depending on application.
  • Connection Possibilities
    • Possible housing connections are ½” FNPT fittings or ½” Tri-clamp fittings. Micropure offers a variety of adapters to enlarge the fitting size up to 2 inches in size.

Differences between Standard and Mini filter Housing

Top Mounted Pressure Gauge on standard unit.

Filter Housing top for Mini Filter housing. Housing closure is from 65 mm Tri-Clamp.

Filter Housing top for Standard Filter housing (Right). Housing closure is from 80 mm DIN 11851 Union.

Drainage Ports on bottom of Filters

Mini Filter Housing base that has ½ inch FNPT fittings. Housing base has one port for drain kit or plug

Complete Standard Filter Housing with ½  inch FNPT fittings(Left). Condestate drain kit is installed into base of housing to be used for sampling or excess liquid removal. Excess liquid removal is common in steam applications. Picture of Housing base showing drainage ports(right)