Filtering out Nuclear Threats

The Client:

Shipping containerAn advanced security and detection systems company based in the eastern US. The client tackles the worldwide threat nuclear weapons being moved through shipping containers.  The client has a facility on the west coast that uses a passive cargo scanning system to ensure no nuclear weapons are brought into the country via ocean liner.

The Problem:

The client uses a gas blend as part of their passive cargo scanning system. The gas is used to detect nuclear activity in the containers they receive and put through there scanning system. This saves the time of having to search and open each container. Through their gas blending process, the gases come from multiple storage tanks and go through multiple pieces of equipment. Because of this process, there was a large concern for contamination of the gas blend once it got to the cargo scanning system. The other major concern was the amount of pressure change that goes through the system from beginning to end. For a filter to be installed, it would need to be able to handle large amounts of negative and positive pressure. The client’s last concern was to find a filter housing that was helium tight and would not leak any of the gas or lose pressure.

The Process:

The Engineers at Micropure reviewed the specific application and needs of the client. Micropure presented them with a proposal for a gas filter that was sized specifically for their application. The gas filter was designed and sized based off the pressure and flow rate of the gas line. The filter had to cover their major concerns of contamination protection, possibility of pressure change, and housing design.

The Solution:Parker H Series

Micropure recommended the use of its H Series Filter. The H series filter has non-porous aluminum housing with a powder painted exterior. This housing is helium tight and can handle a wide range of positive and negative pressure. The H Series housing has extreme versatility. There are multiple filter elements and micron levels that can be installed in the housing. The H series also has the ability to come in multiple connection sizes. For this specific application, Micropure engineers recommended the use of the 3P filter element. The element is rated at 3 micron and is constructed of pleated cellulose and an outer retainer to give the filter element strength. This filter housing and element combination allows for high quality filtration and low pressure drop while handling with the drastic change in pressures and unique gas blend. The client’s choice in H Series filter ensured their gas blend would be pure and free of contaminants while they use there scanning system.

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