There is more to filtration than filtering

The Client:

A food plant that produces Soy and other Protein based foods. The Client uses Steam to heat and boil all of its process tanks. They produce many soy products including concentrates and isolates to isoflavones, textured proteins, soy flours, edible oils and lecithin. The clients system contains all of the necessary equipment to achieve clean and culinary steam. This includes culinary steam filters prior to all tanks in the system.

The Problem:

The Clients culinary steam filters were doing an excellent job removing any particles at the absolute micron rating of the filter. There was no downstream issue with particulates in the tanks or equipment after any of these filters. The issue the client had with their system is how quickly the filters were clogging and deteriorating. This was causing the client to replace the filtration medium well prior to the manufacturer’s recommendation. The short life span of the filters was causing more down time than was acceptable. This affected the rest of the process and the amount of time needed to heat the entire system with steam. The frequency of replacement caused an increased operational cost to the system that the client wasn’t prepared for.

The Process:

The Engineers at Micropure reviewed the specific application and needs of Client. Micropure presented them with a proposal for a 100 micron Steam filter that was sized specifically for their application. This will act as a pre-filter to the current culinary steam filters they have in their systems. The Steam filter was designed and sized based off the pressure and flow rate of the steam line. The micron level was set to allow some particulate through, but not tax the entire system.

The Solution:

As a result of using the Micropure 100 micron Steam filter, they have ensured that there culinary and clean steam filters will not be forced to do all of the work in protecting the steam system.  By adding this to their installation, they can lengthen the cleaning and replacement interval back to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The load reduction also eliminates the need for frequent filter replacement and lengthens the life of each filter element. This is a large time and financial gain for the client. The filtration media is rated at 100 micron absolute, giving the client insurance that 100% of 100+ micron particles and chemicals would be removed from their steam.  This allowed the culinary steam filters to work properly in protection of the steam system.

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