Brewing Up a Good Solution

The Client:

Brewing SolutionsA newly opened west coast craft brewery looking for brewing equipment. The brewery contains a restaurant, taproom and production facility. They want the ability to offer off site sales of their beers in bottles and kegs.

The Problem:

Choosing brewing production system components is a difficult task. The brewery wanted a couple of things from their brewery. There first concern is having a system that can handle a wide variety of beers in a short period of time. Their second concern is short cleaning and cycle time. They love making beer, but do not want to be slaves to the process. The third thing they were looking for was a system that would allow them to be environmentally responsible. Finally, they hoped to find a system with low operational cost.

The Process:

The Engineers at Micropure reviewed the specific application and needs of the client. Micropure presented them with a proposal for a mash filter that was sized specifically for their application. The mash filter was sized based off the brewery size of their other components, tanks, etc. Taking all of the brewery’s needs into consideration, they were able to offer them an effective solution that fit their need.

The Solution:

As a result of using the Micropure Mash filter, they have several technical and cost advantages over using the traditional brewery.

The filter offered short and predictable cycles. With the speed of a mash filter press, the entire brewing process should take two hours. Even with cleanout time, this allows the brewery to create 4 brews in a 10 hour day. By having a short brewing cycle, the brewery can brew multiple beer styles in a single day. This gives them the flexibility they need as a small craft brewery.

The mash filter has an extremely low operational cost. The mash filter offers a couple of economic and environmental advantages. By using the mash press, the brewery can use less raw products and ingredients (10-20%) while achieving higher extract (>98%) from the mash when compared with a lauter tun. The pressure used to squeeze the extract from the wort allows for a dramatic decrease in water usage and higher solid percentage in the spent grains. The automation of the mash press gives the brewery a 15% reduction in energy use and labor time. All of the materials used in the creation of the mash filter are FDA approved, high quality and long lasting.

The Micropure Mash Filter Press has replaceable filter cloths that are made of high quality polypropylene and are long lasting. The cloths come in a variety of micron levels giving the brewery a choice of how tight they want to filter the Mash.

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