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Technical Data

Technical Data

Maximum Operating Pressure 232 psig 16 bar
Maximum Differential Pressure 75   psid 5.2 bar
Maximum Reverse Pressure 75   psid 5.2 bar
Pore Sizes .1 micron absolute.
(Other sizes available upon request)
Material of Construction:
Housing 304 SS
Segmented Filter Discs 304 SS
Filter Media 304 SS
O-Rings EPDM


  • Bulk Filtration of gas
  • Point of use filter for CO2 or N2
  • Bottling and canning lines
  • Packaging lines
  • Wort aeration 


Micropure Filtration, Inc. provides a five year limited warranty on all parts except O-rings and media. A one year warranty on filter media is based a maximum loading of 140 million particles per cubic meter (normal conditions).   These warranties extend only to media purchased from Micropure or a certified Micropure Filtration Vendor.

Sterile Gas Brochure

Sterile Gas Technical Data