Fewer cleanouts, and speedy replacement means less down time

The Client:

A dairy production facility that specializes in milk, milk by-products and ice cream products. A large portion of this client’s production goes directly to fast food and restaurant chains. Most of this production at this facility is individually packaged creamers, milk and yogurt smoothies.

The Problem:

With a 24 hour 7 day a week production line, every minute countsThe Client’s production schedule runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Every minute of the day is important and needed to keep the equipment running to produce as much product as possible. When installing a new production line and choosing a sterile air filter, the client had three concerns. The first concern was to find a filter that had low and consistent pressure drop. The second concern was to have a filter that had the ability to sterilized inline and multiple times before the filter element or media needed to be replaced. The third concern was to have a filter were element media replacement was quick and easy.

The Process:

The Engineers at Micropure reviewed the specific application and needs of the client. Micropure presented them with a proposal for a sterile air filter that was sized specifically for their application. The sterile air filter was designed and sized based off the pressure and flow rate of the air line.

The Solution:

Micropure Sterile Air FilterAs a result of using the Micropure Sterile Air filter, they have ensured the quality of the air used in their facility. The Micropure Sterile Air filter has many advantageous features for dairy production facilities.

The filter offers low and consistent pressure drop.  Micropure’s segmented design allows each installed media piece to work independently giving the client a large filtration surface per inch of element height. The segmented design of the element also gives the process air the ability to go up or down through a filtration surface when it enters an element. These factors create extremely low pressure drop across the filter.

The media has the ability to be sterilized or cleaned 150 times before it needs to be replaced. Since media can be cleaned so many times before there is a need for replacement, the client was able to reduce shut down time on each process line for cleaning and element regeneration. This valuable time was used for more production and allowed them to increase the volume output of their products.

The segmented element design is held together under the mechanical pressure of a compression spring and a locking nut. When the time came to change the media, the deconstruction, media replacement and construction of the element is a short simple process that takes no more than a couple minutes.

The first installation of a Micropure Sterile Air filter was so successful and made such a difference, the client has replaced the rest of the sterile air filters in their facility with Micropure Sterile air filters.

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